Parking Spaces

Parking Spaces

Martin Parr

Design. Typography. Layout.
Faux suede-covered lidded box with gold foil blocking. Box contains limited edition, signed book: faux suede-covered, gold-foil hardback. 96pp. 5-colour throughout.
Boot Publishing

Design concept

The book is presented in the manner of a wedding album: as something precious, corresponding to the value of the last parking space.


A luxury edition of 1,000 presented in a white box with a signed embossed card.

Parking Spaces

Martin Parr

This is the latest body of work in Parr’s methodical investigation of the issues of globalisation. Taken between 2002 and 2007, the photographs show 'the last parking space' in 41 different countries.

Published by Boot Publishing

ISBN 13: 978-1-59711-065-5 (Out of stock)

Martin Parr (1952–)

Parr’s use of high-saturation colour produces images that at first glance may seem mundane; once you know their history, however, they are revealed as highly profound. Parr has published and exhibited worldwide. He is also a full Magnum member.

Accompanying exhibition

Rocket Gallery, London


Sumptuously packaged. Wallpaper* magazine