• Inferno//James Nachtwey
  • A Biography of Disappearance, Algeria 1992–//Omah D
  • Things As They Are: Photojournalism in Context since 1955//World Press Photo
  • Tony Ray-Jones//Russell Roberts
  • Move! Action Photography by Reuters//Reuters
  • A Broken Landscape: AIDS and HIV in Africa//Gideon Mendel
  • The Memory of Pablo Escobar//James Mollison
  • Year in Focus//Getty Images

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Photojournalism requires a particular awareness, both of the subject-matter of the images and the sensibilities of the people viewing them. Photojournalism always has a story to tell. To communicate the essential message, we keep the layouts simple and the typography uncluttered. The emphasis is placed purely on the images, which are carefully edited and often combined in pairs that suggest new meanings and shapes, allusions, emotions and stories. Some of these books are vehicles for raising a corporate profile, as with Reuters’ Move! or the Getty Year in Focus. Others have a social or political agenda, hoping to provoke change. James Nachtwey’s renowned Inferno documents contemporary conflicts and their victims; Omah D’s A Biography of Disappearance draws attention to the thousands of people who have disappeared in Algeria.