Evolve the Photoshot logo and design an informative, interim branding style.
Printed and electronic stationary. Website style. Promotional literature. Review Magazine.
A London-based photographic agency


Photoshot is a new umbrella organisation, which has recently merged with nine subsidiary companies. The branding must establish Photoshot as a new brand, whilst maintaining the identities of the original companies.

Brand evolution

The design is designed to develop from an eclectic mixture of styles to a single unified brand by slowly introducing elements of the new style.


Colour is the main mechanism used to differentiate each company. We used a bright colour from the subsidiaries original colour scheme and a new more subtle shade for Photoshot.


Typography is used as the unifying visual. We refined the use of the Photoshot font by re-defining the typographic style. This system is used in all correspondence.

Photoshot logo

The Photoshot logo was altered, and its usage redefined to maintain continuity. It must be presented with the strapline.

Subsidiary logos

The three subsidiary companies’ logos were evolved and remain prominent on printed stationary. The logos are to be used together with the Photoshot logo and strapline.


The usage of the Photoshot blue and logo is to be increased over time. The prominence and use of the subsidiary companies’’ characteristics should simultaneously decrease. We recommended first reducing logo usage, and reducing the colour variation. Eventually only the Photoshot logo, colour and type remain.

Business cards

The subsidiary logos remain on the back of the card; the back is set in Photoshot typography.

Letterheads & comp slips

Part of the brief was to include the name and strapline of each company in the Photoshot group on all stationary. We developed a style, which incorporated all the elements of the Photoshot brand into a text-based logo. There are five different letterheads, in four of which each company name is highlighted.

E-mail footer

Five different logo attachments to be appear at the base of e-mails.