Brighton Photo Biennial

Brighton Photo Biennial

Design a timeless logo and flexible brand application.
Printed stationary. Booklets. Guides. Invitations. Postcards.
A photographic arts festival.

Biennal 2008 Postcards

Four typographic solutions to one quote.


The back of the letterhead is a block yellow.


The biennal employs a guest curator every two years to art direct the festival. The logo needed to be a symbol for the BPB as a concept, with a brand design that flexible enough to re-invent itself to suit the style and theme of both curator and biennal.

Colours and styles

The development of colour since the brand's conception in 2003. Each redesign is accompanied by letterheads, comp slips and other printed stationary.

Evolving design

In 2008 we altered the typography, but the logo and essence of the original branding remain.


A series of leaflets and invitations.

Folding booklet

Shown front and reverse.