Readers Series

Readers Series

The Whitechapel/MIT Press

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4-colour full-flap paperback cover. Varied pagination. 1-colour throughout.
Whitechapel Art Gallery

Documents of Contemporary Art

Whitechapel Art Gallery

A series of handbooks for understanding visual culture, each covering a single theme, practice or issue central to contemporary visual culture.

Published by Whitechapel Art Gallery/MIT Press

Everyday ISBN: 978-0-85488-159-8; Colour ISBN: 978-0-85488-160-4; Participation ISBN: 0-85488-147-6; The Archive ISBN: 0-85488-148-4; The Artist’s Joke ISBN: 978-0-854-88-155-0; The Gothic ISBN: 978-0-854-88-155-7; Design & Art ISBN: 0-85488-153-6; The Cinematic ISBN: 0-85488-152-9


[A] remarkably imaginative collection of texts and fragments. Briony Fer, Professor of History of Art, University College London