• Contemporary Artists’ Series//Phaidon Press
  • Monographs Series//Photoworks
  • Habitat 2001//
  • Photoworks Magazine//Photoworks
  • The Photographic Atlas//Millennium Mapping Company
  • Readers Series//The Whitechapel/MIT Press
  • HotShoe//Photoshot
  • Themes & Movements//Phaidon Press

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Branding is about more than designing a logo. It extends to the creation of a visual identity that can be carried through to a variety of media, to a corporate organisation or equally to a magazine or book series. A successful style will survive effortlessly for years. Our Phaidon Themes & Movements series (1998) and Habitat corporate redesign (2001) have remained the same since their inception, while the Contemporary Artists series has just been changed after eight years. With the Whitechapel Readers, we kept within existing corporate guidelines yet still created something that has an independent value. With Photoworks, we started from the design of the logo and went on to redesign their magazine and monographs. Our styles incorporate guidelines on the use of colour, typefaces, scale of reproduction — but not so many rules that the design becomes constricting. Rules are there to be broken. An identity has to evolve.