5000 Days

5000 Days

National Theatre

Design. Typography. Signage.
Vinyl graphics. Accompanying publication.
British Press Photographers’ Association/David & Charles

Design concept

Press photographers are used to having their images chopped, cropped and juxtaposed. We created a flexible grid system to present a large number of images in a small space. Images were placed on top of each other and mixed together in a way that would not normally have been possible in a fine art exhibition.

Exhibition layout

The exhibition mirrors the presentation style of the book. The walls were designed by adapting the book grid to the space of the Lyttleton Foyer.

Image size

Sizes range from 60x40" to 20x24" prints.

Project development

The success of 5000 Days gave rise to Assignments: The Press Photographers' Year, an annual press photographers' award with an accompanying exhibition, publication and website.

5000 Days

National Theatre
11 October–4 December 2004