• It Starts From Here//De La Warr Pavillion
  • Blind Light: Quads//Antony Gormley/Hayward Gallery
  • Whitechapel Art Gallery Hoarding//The Whitechapel Expansion Project
  • In The Face of History: European Photographers of the 20th Century//Barbican Art Gallery
  • 5000 Days//National Theatre
  • Assignments: The Press Photographers' Year//British Press Photographers’ Association/National Theatre
  • New Forest Drift//Sally Fear/Off the Wall Images
  • World Women’s Day//Action Aid

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Our exhibition work has many facets. We can create a branding style that is used for all exhibition signage, graphics, leaflets and invitations. We can also curate exhibitions, and devise a concept for showing the work. For Action Aid, for example, we coupled high-impact posters and banners with a more intimate medium for display — tabletops where people could read about the organisation’s work as they sat down to eat. When the exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue, we create an integrated design linking the look of the gallery with the layout of the book. A catalogue gives a temporary exhibition an enduring afterlife, but can also make it develop in other ways. The Quads installation in Antony Gormley’s recent show at the Hayward Gallery arose out of the design of the catalogue: the way of presenting the work in the book was so effective that it was translated directly into the show. And the success of our work on 5000 Days spawned Assignments, a now annual press photographers’ competition with an accompanying exhibition and publication.