Zineb Sedira: Saphir

Zineb Sedira: Saphir

The Photographers’ Gallery

Design. Typography. Layout. Production.
Screen-printed hardback cloth-covered cover with 4-colour full-flap jacket. 88pp. 4-colour throughout.
The Photographers’ Gallery

Design Concept

UV varnish was used to create a mix of black-on-black and white-on-white sections for the mixed media portfolio and essay sections.

Abstracted font

The title page graphics are abstracted letters. This page reads DYER.

Wrap-around panoramics

Panoramic images are wrapped around the page edge to prevent shrinking the image size.

Final Cut Pro Screenshots

Film screenshots can only ever be printed small. Here we set them against a black background which wrapped around pages to give the impression of a timeline within a darkened room.

Screenprinted cover

The cover is screenprinted black on dark blue cloth.

Jacket Design

The wrap-around jacket is shows one of Sedira’s panoramic images.

Zineb Sedira: Saphir

The Photographers’ Gallery
29 September–26 November 2006

Employing video and photography to investigate issues of representation, language, memory and displacement, Sedira’s recent work engages with the themes of nomadism, migrancy and homeland.

Published by the Photographers’ Gallery & Film & Video Umbrella

Curated by Clare Grafik

ISBN 10: 0907879764/ISBN 13: 978-0907879763