Male Stripper

Male Stripper

Jim Lambie

Design. Typography. Layout. Production.
Experimental format. Paper-laminated 3-colour + spot UV hardback cover containing two booklets: one 4-colour 32pp booklet; one 4/1-colour 16pp concertina foldout.
Modern Art Oxford

Experimental format

The hardback cover contains one book and a 16-page foldout.

Male Stripper

Jim Lambie
13 September–9 November 2004

Jim Lambie specialises in colourful sculptural installations made from everyday modern materials. His trademark theme is his use of brightly coloured vinyl tape arranged into patterns around the floor of the gallery space. He was shortlisted for the 2005 Turner Prize.

Published by Modern Art Oxford

Curated by Suzanne Cotter

ISBN 10: 1901352196/ISBN 13: 978-1901352191


Exhilarating giddiness combined with a perfect sense of form. Victoria Roddam, BBC
Unstoppable, unswerving, oblivious, Lambie’s stripes race on, with an insistent optical thrust. The Guardian